Ginger Slices


Quality-safe, mechanically cut, dried ginger slices are the perfect ingredient for your business purposes. Ginger has long been used in the food, medicine, and perfumery industries.

  • High-quality and pure local variety of Ayurveda ginger. (Our ginger flavor known by Europeans)
  • Available throughout the whole year with constant price
  • Sand & dust-free
  • Packages are open to customization according to your organization’s preferences (1kg, 10kg, 20kg)
  • Product deliver to your doorstep

1600 LKR/KG

Sri Lanka is a tropical island with one of the best climates favorable for agriculture in the world. Zingiberaceae Officinale or Ginger is a rhizome loaded with nutrition, and bioactive compounds useful to the human body. The genesis of ginger was found in Southeast Asia and had gradually spread to the whole world from time to time. According to Sri Lankan history records, ginger had been used by great king Rawana to cure diseases, and nearly in the 14th century, Europeans had used our Ceylonese variety of ginger to flavor their cuisine.

There are 3 main varieties of ginger cultivated in Sri Lanka;

  • Indigenous Ginger – Rhizomes are small and the fibrous flesh is somewhat ash white in color. Pungency and aroma are comparatively higher than other ginger varieties.
  • Rangoon variety – This is a hybrid variety with a medium-sized rhizome. The flesh is light yellow and less fibrous in size than the native variety. This variety gives higher yields.
  • Chinese Ginger – Rhizomes are large in size and slightly watery. The flesh is pale yellow in color. The pungency and aroma are low.

Health benefits of Ginger;

  • Can help with treating nausea
  • Can help with weight loss
  • Can help with osteoarthritis
  • May drastically lower blood sugars and improve heart disease risk factors
  • May significantly reduce menstrual pain
  • Can help treat chronic indigestion
  • May help to lower cholesterol level
  • Contains a substance that may help prevent cancer
  • Helps to improve brain functioning and to protect against Alzheimer’s disease
  • Can boost Immunes system against viruses and infections
  • Can help to relieve pain during pregnancy


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