About Us

Who We are...

A little about Us

Ceylon Ginger (Pvt) Ltd is a manufacturing firm that produces ginger-based value-added products, supplies ginger as an industrial raw material, and engages in ginger cultivation administration and research.

We commenced as a small-scale business in 2013 and were able to gradually extend to ginger merchandising by 2015. Today, with over 07 years of experience, we have the potential to meet your ginger requirements in an innovative and sophisticated manner.

Our Vision

"To provide a healthy life for everyone from Ginger solutions”

Our Mission

“To deliver high-quality and healthy products for the consumers, to uplift the living standards of our farmers and employees, and finally to contribute to the Sri Lankan economy whilst keeping the company profitable.”

How We Started...

In 2013, the founder of our organization identified how ginger helped him to cure acute asthma he was suffering for many years. Realizing the medicinal value and the healing power of ginger, he started cultivating ginger on a small scale as per his beloved wife’s idea. His intention was to make ginger available for society to make their lives healthier while generating a profitable method of income for local farmers.

As a result of his continuous hard work and dedication, ginger was gradually popularized among a considerable number of farming families, thereby, Ceylon Ginger was able to commence ginger merchandising by 2015. We are proudly saying that, at present, about 300 farming families are getting the maximum benefits out of our project and leading to good living standards.

Ceylon Ginger, which is built on the foundation of our farmers’ perseverance and dedication, is on a glorious journey of doing a great service to fill their lives with hope and happiness while giving the fullest satisfaction to consumers through superior and exciting products.


Mission Statement

Our Passion

Our primary responsibility is to provide the consumers with innovative products that cater to the highest quality and their requirements.

Thus, our well-trained team and the farming community work hard to ensure that we deliver your desired products in the utmost quality and environmentally sustainable manner.

Numbers Speak


Ginger Brands

Yup. We have 08 brands. When we create a ginger brand, we perfect it 200 times to make it right.


Ginger Farmers

We collaborate with 238 different ginger growers who work relentlessly to ensure the best quality through sustainable practices.



We are currently operating at two locations.


Team Members

That’s the number of people we’ve employed over our 02 locations and warehouse. We love our team!

Ceylon Ginger (Private limited)
We’ve never been so excited to share with you our knowledge about ginger and the story that every root can tell. Come in on, you can explore with us!